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Trompe l'oeil e affreschi digitali su misura

Our work consists of the design works as wall frescoes and trompe l'oeil made digital studio and printed on wallpaper. With this technique we can customize each work according to customer needs, design the design according to the size of the wall, adapting the design to the presence of doors, corners, arches, pillars etc. Each project is carried out solely on the basis of the information that the customer provides us. Below is an example of how one of our models T-005 can vary based on measurements of the wall.

original drawing
T 005 BASE

T 005 misure

T 005 personalizzazione

Customizing wallpaper with photos and portraits

We offer the ability to customize the wallpaper in our catalog, and send the image you want: your portrait or that of your children, the pictures of your wedding. Photos submitted will be processed and presented in the style that distinguishes our models.

In the picture below you can see an example of how inizando from a basic plot you can change the picture using a photo from the customer. The end result will be a custom wallpaper with your images, your logo, your needs.


We can summarize our customization service in three points:

1 you choose a style already present in our catalog

2you send a photo to be included in the model chosen

3the image sent is illustrated and adapted to the specific model and propose it to the customer.

When you customize the wallpaper?

You may experience the need to customize the wallpaper in many ways: to make your own unique environment with its own image or that of your loved ones, or you want to customize a store, a business, the hotel lobby or corporate reception, with your logo or images of your products. The expert hand of our illustrators will realize for you an elegant and understated in keeping with the style present in our models, in order to maintain the style of the images.

A unique service.

What distinguishes our work than those who offer a service like ours, is the ability to realize a real artistic illustration of your images, integrating perfectly with the style of the model chosen, so you can get into your home true work of art personalized with your images.

The illustrations

Our wallpapers are conceived as works of art, as well as in the past affrescavano the walls of palaces, now with a modern spirit and thanks to digital printing, we can produce wallpaper illustrated as the frescoes of the great artists. The drawings and illustrations are made by hand and are unique and original are not being acquired by any digital archive. The experience of our exceptional illustrators make your personal images and your family.

What features should have sent the photos?

Our papers are printed at a resolution in real scale 1: 1 then the definition of the photos must be high enough to allow processing, once sent the images to realize we will indicate whether it is possible their processing for printing.