About Us

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Personalized wallpaper with your photos

The site "Wallpaper Modern" is the brainchild of the creative studio InUnMinuto.it, whose experienced gained in the field of graphic design and advertising, wanted to concentrate its expertise on sector and drawing, creating wallpapers and artistic copyright. With the ability to digitally print each model can be made from time to time different wallpapers and customized for each client request.

Trompe l'oeil and digital fresco

With the digital fresco our idea is to revive the splendor of ancient palaces painted by the great masters of the past, our projects are aimed at the classic and traditional style but also to the modern and the personalization of wallpapers for commercial activities, the work can beautify our residences, hotels, restaurants, shops, luxury homes, but also environments and corporate offices. Based on our knowledge of art and a passion for art painting and drawing, we can carry out the projects more ambitious in setting frescoes and drawings for rooms that evoke the artistic splendor of a time

Customization: our strength

Our strength is the ability to customize each model graphically, in fact the site are models already realized that you can buy or be customized with personal pictures sent by the client, or you can change the paper in the colors, in the style of the plot , in design and size. Just contact us to discuss your needs and our study, composed of illustrators and creative will show you the best solution for your needs.

We can sum up in three points which are our main services:

1 you can choose a style already present in our catalog as it is proposed

2 you can customize an existing style with photographic images sent by the client

3 you can study together the best solution for your needs, creating a completely customized wallpaper.

Our strengths:

Customization:all our models are custom-designed starting from the needs of the customer in order to fit the décor and color of each individual room or furniture. We can also create wallpaper starting from your images (photographic or graphic) or designing unique models and new on the strength of your requirements.
Simulations: is required if we can make a photographic simulation of the model chosen environment where it will be placed the paper, so you can see the stylistic choice that you want to adopt.

Who we work for

Our goal is to offer a work of art, creative and original in a position to make valuable and unique your environment. Our reference point are all those who want to decorate their apartment in an original way, enriching with real works of art the walls of the house. We cater to both the customization of the walls to the interior but also to the company, it is possible to offer a complete service for the creation of maps and environments for the Reception of the Company or the lobby of a hotel. Also relying on the ability to customize each job through the experience of our graphic studio, we can offer a full service consulting and design of specific requests for every need.