Trompe l'oeil and murals on wallpaper

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One of the first to dispel prejudices when printing artwork on wallpaper, is the idea that play back digital work you did a disservice to the works of art painted in the traditional way on the wall. In fact the art of painting on canvas and adhere the support, through the hill to the wall, is a method that was already used in antiquity and is called "morouflage", find more information on this technique click here.

How are made wall decorations

The murals and trompe l'oeil, manufactured by us are made manually with traditional techniques and digitally directly to your computer with a graphics tablet and software that imitate the technique of painting. In the first case the paintings are made manually with the technique of directly on a wall or painted on paper or canvas, this technique is adopted when a particular pictorial decoration or texture can not be obtained digitally, then are digitized in order to realize file suitable for printing, in the second case with the use of software pictorial drawings and paintings are made manually with the graphic tablet, thus reproducing the style of painting on the wall, the so-called fresco. The technique used in both cases and still manual and requires painting skills and artistic works to be carried out, so even when you use the computer's wisdom, the artistic and creative ability is identical to the traditional method of working.

Because you use the wallpaper to reproduce the murals?

The wallpaper is support more comfortable and easy to apply in reality all our work, if required, can also be printed on PVC adhesive, but in this case the application technique is more complicated and requires the use of an applicator expert, instead with the wallpaper is possible to correct positioning errors detaching more times the paper support, and it is possible to easily align the drawing between a strip and the other. The wallpaper can be requested embossed or smooth, and allows you to decorate wall surfaces very extensive. The ease of application of this support allows anyone with a bit of manual work to apply and set up with ease the walls of his apartment.

Wallpaper and Trompe l'oeil to decorate ceilings

One of the news that we have proposed on this site is to decorate even the ceiling with wall decorations as was often done in the stately historic buildings and aristocrats. The possibility of applying the wallpaper on the ceiling allows to create trompe l'oeil, ornaments and decorations on the ceiling of your home in order to make unique and spectacular your living room, bedroom or guest room.


The advantages, to create murals and trompe l'oeil and then print them on paper parts, are different:

- you can accomplish the work in his studio, there is no need to disturb the customer for long weeks occupying the rooms of his house.

- you can send the press in any geographical location, it is not necessary to go in person to perform the work, any installer or painter can apply it without difficulty.

- the cost of the work is accessible to everyone because the work is already done you just adapt it to the measures and the space of the client.

Our goal is to bring back to life an ancient technique that because of cost and lack of skilled artists, seems to have disappeared; give new light to your walls with artwork can definitely increase the quality of life making it more comfortable to stay in your home.